Cash Register - Product

Model : NX-180


Professional Power & Performance One Station Cash Register

CPU: ARM7 Processor
Printer: Fujitsu 628MCL101 One-station thermal 57.5mm paper width,
Speed: 60 mm/sec, Auto paper easy-loading, Roll Diameter 60mm
Operating Display: 128 x 64 LCD (5 lines) Front display with back light
Customer Display: 8 digits 7 segment LED Rear display as standard
Keyboard: 48 Raised keys
Control Lock: 6 position (L, R, X, Z, P1, P2) with three (OP, MA, OW) keys
Department: 12 Department keys x 3 shift, Max: 100 available
PLU: 2,000 (with Stock control management)
Electronic-Journal: Max 30,000 lines (can be printed in paper-saving small size)
Clerk: 24 (Cashier number with password login)
Receipt: Header and trailer message up to 9 lines, Graphic Logo Printing
Interface: RS232 x 1, PS2 x 1 for CCD and Laser Barcode Scanner
PC software (CD Disc) included for edit data, upload and download
data, print reports and back up date, Logo download
Cash Drawer: 9V space-saving #33 (5C/3-4B) cash drawer as standard
Full-size #41 (8C/4-5B) cash drawer is available.
Power supply: AC Switching power 100V ? 240V 10%
Dimensions: 330(W) x 405(D) x 245(H) mm with #33 drawer (5C/3-4B)
410(W) x 415(D) x 255(H) mm with #41 drawer (8C/4-5B)
Net Weight: 5.0 Kgs with #33 drawer, 9.0 Kgs with #41 drawer.


      Picture with #33 small drawer                      Picture with #41 large drawer

      Customer display as standard         48 raised keyboard with control lock key


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